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The Mystwalker series in AUDIO!

When I’m writing a difficult scene with a lot of back and forth dialogue, I’m talking out loud.  I’m whoever I need to be–Hedi, Trowbridge, Lexi, or Cordelia. I’m all the voices.

I keep Atty and Merles vastly entertained.FullSizeRender-13

Which is a nice segway to this nugget of news: The Mystwalker Series is coming out on audio through GraphicAudio this month. (Yahoo!) Have you heard of them? This is the production company whose tagline reads:  “A Movie in Your Mind.”

What does that mean?

They’re all the voices too.

Huh? Okay, I’ll back up. Most audio books use one talent. He or she is reading the manuscript, much like your Mom or Dad used to read your bedtime story. There is one voice, with no sound effects.

The actor is reading the book out loud.

GraphicAudio takes a cue from the old radio days, where the aim was to create a mental movie for the listeners. How do they do that? Well, in order to bring the book to life, they’ll use as as many people as they need. If there are four different people in the scene, they’ll hire four different actors to play them. And once they’ve laid those dialogue tracks down, they’ll go back in and add sound effects. Say the car crashes–well then, you’re going to hear the crumple of the fender, the tinkle of the glass and the hiss of the broken hoses.

You’re going to get the whole experience.

Cool, huh?

THE TROUBLE WITH FATE releases today!  Follow this soundcloud link to hear the series trailer…then head over to GraphicAudio to purchase your copy.



Whoah, I’m a bundle.

When I started writing THE TROUBLE WITH FATE, my only goal was to finish the book because up to that point, the longest thing I had written was a fifteen page short story. Which, come to think of it, can’t really be called a short story because it doesn’t have a beginning, a middle and an end. Two Hearts Entwined and All that Crap is really more of an extended start to what could one day become a not-too-bad novel.

But that’s another story.

Anyhow, I did it. I finished my first book. Then I rewrote it. Several times. Then I got an agent who sold it in a three book deal, which turned into a four book deal some months later, when I explained to my publishers that I didn’t think I could tell Hedi’s entire story in three books. I thought I needed four to complete her character arc from self-doubting kid to self-knowing adult.

That’s a big paragraph to explain why there are four books in the Mystwalker series. (And yes, there are only four. Hedi is in a good place by the end of Destiny).

The Trouble with Fate
The Thing About Weres
The Problem with Promises
The Danger of Destiny

I’ve been told my series makes for prime binge reading, because my books usually start where the last one left off. Sometimes within six months, sometimes within a week, and sometimes, within a few minutes.

My publisher seems to have come to the same conclusion: they’ve bundled  all four novels into an e-book set.

The Complete Mystwalker Series

Which makes me a bundle.

One Whoah-bundle.
not-quite joy.

(For the record, there are a lot of feels in this series and while joy is in there, it’s sitting cheek to jowl with sadness and snarkiness. All of which is topped by a nice layer of lustiness)

See? Not quite-joy.

That is, until you get to the last page.

Of the last book
the completed

Then, there might be some joy:-)


How publishing works–about Bloggers and you.

Shoppers browse at a Barnes and Noble store in VirginiaDo you know how the publishing world works? When I was unpublished, I thought it was hard work, commitment, fearlessness, and people telling you that you needed to revise the crap out of your work. Then I got the book contract, and I thought it was about more hard work, greater commitment, bolstering up your flagging fearlessness, and people telling you to revise the crap out of your work.

And then I discovered that it was more. Though writing is usually a solitary and somewhat lonely way of making your bread and butter, the end product only gets a chance to breathe with the help of *other* people. Initially a good agent, and then a good editor, and then all the people in the publishing house who contribute their expertise to the end product…

But once it’s printed, a book’s future rests in the kindly hands of people who get absolutely nothing out of flogging your work. And that, Virginia, is how publishinBlog-Commentsg works.

Readers can help a book’s success by word of mouth or BY LEAVING A COMMENT SOMEWHERE. (Yeah, it’s that important. The more comments a book receives, the more visibility and in this current market, it’s all about visibility.)

But before readers get their mitts on a writer’s novel, there are the bloggers.

God Bless the Bloggers.

Publishiblogng houses know that bloggers can make you. Their book reviews are widely read; their opinions are valued among those who follow their site. Take a look at author’s amazon pages–check out how many of those blurb recommendations come from a blogger’s site. Yes, in today’s world, bloggers are powerful people.

They don’t get paid for flogging your work. Zip from me and my publisher. No soft dollars, no under-the-table cash.

They do what they do for free.

Think about that. You know how long it takes you to write an email? Multiply that by the power of ten to figure out how long it takes them to post something on their site.

Below, you’ll find a list of blog sites. These lovely people are part of my blog tour for DESTINY. By hosting a giveaway and an excerpt, they expose my work to a larger world. I’m hugely grateful (let’s say it again–God Bless the Bloggers) for their kindness.

The giveaway opportunity is for the entire Mystwalker series. Each blog site has their own cache to give out, so that’s a whole lot of chances to get my series for free.

The excerpts are long. I don’t even want to think how long it took me to write those words. (I was going through a divorce at the time; my head was mush.)

So head over to one or all of the sites listed below, and take a chance on winning. Then go ahead–pull out your blankie and your cup of tea, then binge read my work. After than you’ll be be one of my series readers and a person who has the power to move my career from “the best series you never heard of” to a series that some people may heard of. (By *cough* leaving a comment somewhere. Even lousy ones are good.) (So, *grimace* they tell me.)

Final thoughts on the publishing world? It really is about hard work, commitment, fearlessness, revision, and the kindness of others.giveaway and excerpt

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