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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Blame Terry Fallis

This is a picture of the man you should blame if you make the mistake of ordering that fatal, last cocktail at the RWA conference.  He’s a Canadian political humourist, who’s written two very witty books: The Best Laid Plans and The High Road.  He’s a writer. He’s a businessman. And this summer he decided to try his hand at teaching […]

Outlines…*head thuds on desk*

I wrote Hedi’s Book of Rules totally by the seat of my pants–no outlines beyond a few index cards to remind me of the general direction.  Blithely, I plowed my way through to the end of my urban fantasy, inserting tags like “go back and add this” at the end of each chapter. It’s a […]

The Zucchini was long, really long.

Last week, I was on the late train, coming home from a U of T night class. Five or six kids were lounging by the door, waiting for their stop. “You should see the size of these zucchini, Man. They’re f—ing huge.” The speaker was somewhere between nineteen and twenty-one. He had the sway of a […]