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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Look Into Her Eyes

Self-publishing was not something I ever seriously considered for my debut novel, HEDI’S BOOK OF RULES. I admit it: I’m incredibly new, and painfully uninformed about the publishing world. But even wide-eyed-me realized that my book needed help–lots of it–if I went the self-pub’d route. And that meant hiring people. Not just one person but many people. An editor, copy-editor, illustrator. It seemed to me […]

Tap, tap, tap. Pause. Delete.

I did go to Polaris. I promised to take awesome photos with my cellphone’s nifty little camera. I lied. There were moments. A few of the costumes were downright wonderful. And I saw Charlaine Harris, which certainly deserved a few pictures. But I was with my daughter. My gorgeous, wonderful daughter, who’s grown up and has […]

Turtle Slow

I wish I could write a book in three months, but I can’t. I’ve been working every day, trying to pull the narrative along in Book 2, but for all my effort, I’ve only reached the second turning point. Here’s the deal: In terms of daily totals, I’m not a big word accumulator. I type fast, I […]