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Monthly Archives: September 2011

I might even upgrade to chopsticks.

This week, I noted one happy thing: My hair has finally grown long enough to twist into a knot and skewer with a pencil. No more elastics, hair pins, or miserable claw-things pulling at my hair roots. My mane can be tamed. Maybe one day I’ll upgrade my HBs for some pretty chopsticks. Meanwhile, have I mentioned that […]

All done except the laundry.

Well, I’m back from Bouchercon. I took a plane home on Sunday night–a punitively expensive direct flight. You’re looking for a summary, right? Well, first of all, Bouchercon is smaller than some of the cons I’ve attended. I like that. In my world, small is good. Another plus–it attracts men and women. As I like men, that demographic was a […]

And she’s off…

Tonight I’m a busy, busy girl because tomorrow I head off for Spirits of St. Louis: Bouchercon 2011.  Cool title, eh? Go ahead, use the link and then mosey back for my rant. Once I was a princess. I didn’t know it, but looking back? Oh yeah. Someone hand the girl her sceptre and a coronet. For example, packing […]