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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Call me Niles

I wrote this last week, the day my computer blew up, and never posted it. (Fortunately, my m.s. was on the backup drive). Most of it still holds true, though the Bob Mayer blog is no longer his latest. You should check out his blog, if you’re an aspiring author. He’s got some great insights into […]

Zonked out on Sinutab.

I didn’t write a word last week, which didn’t worry me much last week, because it was a vacation, and you’re not supposed to work on holidays. Instead, my sister and I shopped. And since that shopping took place in Florida, I came home with shoes (3 prs), purses (2), and a case of guilts […]

If you Aspire, read this.

If your dream is fragmenting inside your tight little fist, read this It’s one amazing post. 7:42 a.m. My bottom is my chair. I will work today, like I did yesterday, and the day before. Chip, chip. Have a good one, people.