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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Miss Pointy Shoes

Okay. Here’s what I think. There is a realm we cannot see. Personally, I imagine it resembling one of those old, old office buildings, built somewhere in WWII and never updated. A corridor of yellow linoleum, doors with pebbled glass and hand-painted lettering. Somewhere in there–probably in the office two doors up from the ladies loo–is a desk. […]

The Horrible, Soul-Sucking Misery (and Joy) of Revision

Writing is revision. Some writers require less of it. Some more. I fall into the last category. I’ve rewritten, revised, added to, cut out and re-edited THE TROUBLE WITH FATE eight times to date. That’s high. But it was my first book. I hope to get smarter, but I don’t count on it. Why was […]

Oh, the agony.

My paper cuts keeps reopening. Not a problem until I got blood on the keyboard.  Annoying. I didn’t want to go upstairs for a bandaid. I didn’t want to wander into the kitchen to get the wipes. I was almost in the zone, ready to tackle the middle of my first draft. Much revision will be […]