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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Be Paul Potts

It is done. The Revision From Hell is finished. I sent my second draft to my editor this afternoon. All in all, revising The Thing About Werewolves has been an exhausting, punishing experience. I worked seven days a week. I put in very long hours. Not only did I work harder than I thought I […]

How not to write a sex scene.

Here’s the real truth about writing. Eventually your brain says, “I’m not working very well anymore. I need a break.” But you don’t listen, because you have your own personal deadline, and you’re going to keep it… I sent The Thing About Weres into my patient editor without a love scene. In my email, I admitted that it […]

Sleep well, Missy.

Seventeen years ago, my daughter and I went to the Humane Society and chose a kitten–the black one with the attitude–and brought her home. Darling daughter named her Missy. Last Thursday, Missy died. I needed a few days to get some perspective on it, but even now I find my words on the subject of Missy, […]