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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Conversations in the Car

Husband and I were in car, on the way to see the film Looper.   “Watch out for that guy,” I said. “I saw him,” he said, turning onto the main road. We’ve been married 27 years. Driving is a we-effort. “He came up on that light so fast, I didn’t think he was going to […]

Margaret Atwood’s Rules

In 2010,  The Guardian, inspired by Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing, published a two part article wherein 15 authors set to paper their own list of dos and don’ts. We’re talking big names here. Go ahead, check  out: I read the articles again this morning. And wouldn’t you know it? This year my favourite was […]

I just can’t talk about it.

Sometimes people ask me, “What’s your book about?” That’s when some evil thing grabs my throat and squeezes. And for the life of me…I. Can. Not. Talk. Oh, I can ramble on about other people’s books. I just get struck dumb by the enormity of talking about my own. So. Outtakes can be fun. You want […]