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Monthly Archives: October 2012

World Fantasy Convention T.O.

Normally, this is the week butterflies begin fluttering in my gut with pre-Con nerves. But look at me–I’m cool. I didn’t spend a portion of today figuring out my accessories. Or plotting how to hide the fact that I haven’t lost that weight that I planned to lose. Or thinking of strategies to deal with […]

All joking aside.

My thoughts are with you. Each and everyone of you who waits for the danger to pass. Please. Be prudent. Be safe. Leigh  


I was supposed to be working. Figuring out how to fix those 30 pages of awful. Between you and me, I wasn’t making great headway. Mostly I was wishing I could wave a fairy wand over the mess and find it prose-perfect. As is the case when scenes are proving difficult, I kept checking facebook, […]