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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Why should you go to the WFC?

Geesh, I’ve got to get the coffee maker fixed. That or go cold turkey on the caffeine addiction. I’m here at my preferred seat at the coffee place. Yes, I’m weak. And yes, it’s just crazy to spend $4+ on something that amounts to a morning ritual. Okay, today I’m finally going to talk about […]

Where I almost talk about WFC.

So. The World Fantasy Convention. I try to tell you the truth on this blog, right? So here we go. If I hadn’t encouraged* a casual friend into coming up from the States to join me at the Fantasy convention, I would have lost courage and not gone. I’m not good with crowds and for […]

On the subject of dogs.

It’s late to start work. 9:50 by my watch, but my watch is usually set wrong. I keep meaning to fix it, but it’s like a lot of things on my hazy to-do list—noted but not dealt with. I should be sitting at my computer inside the condo, but I’m here, sitting in the courtyard […]