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Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Apple and the Tree.

Ladies and gents, this is the tree: 9:30 p.m, Friday night: Trying to fix the plot hole had made my head ache so badly I wanted to howl. And I was cold–the type of chill that went bone deep. So I poured a bath, and got into it while it was still filling. An ordinary […]

This week’s roundup.

Well, this week I’m not everywhere, I’m just almost everywhere:-) Right now, I’m up on the Tor-UK blog. Also, I was interviewed for the The Knight Agency newsletter, which was sent out to its followers today.¬† If you’re not a TKA subscriber, you can sign-up for their newsletter here. EDITED TO ADD! The Trouble With […]

The lazy redirect:-)

Hello all, It’s looking unlikely that I’ll blog this week, even though it feels like my ass is super-glued to my chair and my fingers are permanently curled over the keyboard. This¬† revision is claiming most of my waking hours. Well, 3/4 of it–yes, I still veg out in front of the television for an […]