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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Romantic Times 2013

Kansas City, here I come. With a cold. And a kleenex. Dragging my luggage and my ass. But there will be good times–I’m seeing my pals Julie Butcher & Kerry Schafer, and meeting other friends that I never get a chance to see. So, very good. I can’t wait. Also? I’m on a panel. I’ll […]

A contest and a love scene.

Hot Naked Guy So, love scenes. They sure can be enjoyable to read. Just off the top of my head—Darynda Jones’s are so hot,  the book should erupt into flames.  But writing the little buggers? They’re worse than sitting down to thrash out a complicated action sequence. It is all anticipation, action,  and reaction. He […]

And yet another interview by yours truly…

Hey guys, You can catch my interview for Female First (a terrific UK site) by clicking on the image to your right. Come on…you know you’ve had a hankering to see me answer this question: Female First: So many books have been released about werewolves recently, so what does your book bring to the table […]