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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Big thoughts and small thoughts.

Small thoughts: a lot of the women I noticed today on the streets of Toronto seemed to adhere to a particular fashion code. Long hair skewered atop the head in pleasing disorder. A black jersey dress. (Must be sleeveless, somewhat fitted, with a hem length well above the knee). Large rectangular handbag hoisted over right […]

May it warm the cockles of your parsimonious heart.

FREE. We’re gearing up for the release of THE THING ABOUT WERES–the second novel in the four book Mystwalker series. Should you ever pin a wish upon a star? Perhaps not, if you’re Hedi Peacock longing for her missing mate, Robson Trowbridge. For that’s when Karma steps in, determined that this small slip of a […]

Where I talk about RT Booklovers Convention 2013

It started with a faint ache at the back of my throat. Allergies, I told myself. But, curse my luck, the day before I was due to fly, those ‘allergies’ turned into a full blown, nose streaming, throat hurting COLD. Attending a writer’s convention with a cold…well, it’s like walking through the streets of Toronto […]