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Monthly Archives: September 2013

UK cover reveal for PROMISES

Here’s the new cover for the UK version of THE PROBLEM WITH PROMISES! Isn’t it stunning? (clicking on the image will take you over to TOR-UK’s blog about the cover)

Street Team!

Want to help spread the love? Hey, are you a fan of the Mystwalker series? Would you like to be part of the team that spreads the love for Hedi and Trowbridge? Do you have a private hankering for a t-shirt, a contest or maybe some Mystwalker swag? Here’s your chance to join the street […]

Private Benjamin

While I was on vacation, I took a liking for the rental’s hammock. It was perfectly situated. If I slanted my head to the left, I could see the lake, and my kids on it, looking like seasoned kayakers. If I rolled my gaze to the right, I could see the house, and indulge in […]