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Monthly Archives: March 2014


I have friend named Julie Butcher. You might have read her hugely entertaining column over at BuzzyMag. This weekend, Julie’s husband lost his grip on the chainsaw and damn-near sawed through his leg. He’s in the hospital and is looking at his third surgery in five days and months of PT. The medical bills will […]

Vacation, vacation

I haven’t had a proper vacation for three years. That doesn’t mean that I’ve worked every single day, it simply means that I haven’t scheduled a premeditated sloth week for thirty-six months. Which is nuts, because dear husband and I have a place in Florida. Except we never get there, at least not at the […]

Do you like Sookie?

BIG NEWS! I have been sitting on this news since July of last year! Okay, someone start the drum roll, because now it’s finally time for my big reveal. I was invited to submit a story for Dead But Not Forgotten, which is an anthology based entirely on characters from Sookieverse–the world built around the […]