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Category Archives: Agents

The Mystwalker series in AUDIO!

When I’m writing a difficult scene with a lot of back and forth dialogue, I’m talking out loud.  I’m whoever I need to be–Hedi, Trowbridge, Lexi, or Cordelia. I’m all the voices. I keep Atty and Merles vastly entertained. Which is a nice segway to this nugget of news: The Mystwalker Series is coming out […]

How publishing works–about Bloggers and you.

Do you know how the publishing world works? When I was unpublished, I thought it was hard work, commitment, fearlessness, and people telling you that you needed to revise the crap out of your work. Then I got the book contract, and I thought it was about more hard work, greater commitment, bolstering up your […]

It’s here! It’s here! DESTINY’s release day!!!

Okay, I’m not cool. You go that, right? I can mimic being cool.. But it is all a front. When I anticipate a release date… I am not cool. It’s more than just spectre of being reviewed. Because that’s usually a mixed bag. Some of the reviews can make you damn well GIDDY. Those reviews […]