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Back in the day when I had extremely vague intentions of “one day” writing a book, I was totally ignorant of how much stuff an author is obliged to do–social media, blog posts, signings, etc–to encourage readers to discover her work. (That’s a nice way of saying “Buy her book.”) Anyway, early in the game, I realized that I’m as comfortable with self-marketing as Clooney […]

Hold onto your Hat! 1+1+1+1=4

So, there I was. At the condo in Florida, all on my lonesome. Grinning stupidly at nothing in particular, still feeling wonderful because Holly had just sent back her final comment on the revision from hell, and it was basically a big “Bingo!” holler. And then my blackberry chimed the special three-note notifier–the one that […]

God Save the Queen and Nannies too

Here’s some news that I’ve been saving! Hedi’s going to the UK! Today, the lovely Bella Pagan, Senior commissioning editor for Tor UK announced a deal for a new urban fantasy trilogy, starting with The Trouble with Fate, a Mystwalker novel. Yup, that’s me. Or actually, that’s Hedi. Here’s a link to it: Here’s why […]