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Category Archives: new writer

The Shower

It used to be I couldn’t take a shower without someone banging on the bathroom door. Even getting out of our shower was complicated–I had to knock on the acrylic glass door to give the snoozing short fat black dog a heads-up before pushing it open. My kids are grown. My dog can’t climb the stairs anymore. I […]

Call me Niles

I wrote this last week, the day my computer blew up, and never posted it. (Fortunately, my m.s. was on the backup drive). Most of it still holds true, though the Bob Mayer blog is no longer his latest. You should check out his blog, if you’re an aspiring author. He’s got some great insights into […]

The Zucchini was long, really long.

Last week, I was on the late train, coming home from a U of T night class. Five or six kids were lounging by the door, waiting for their stop. “You should see the size of these zucchini, Man. They’re f—ing huge.” The speaker was somewhere between nineteen and twenty-one. He had the sway of a […]