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Category Archives: The Knight Agency

Look Into Her Eyes

Self-publishing was not something I ever seriously considered for my debut novel, HEDI’S BOOK OF RULES. I admit it: I’m incredibly new, and painfully uninformed about the publishing world. But even wide-eyed-me realized that my book needed help–lots of it–if I went the self-pub’d route. And that meant hiring people. Not just one person but many people. An editor, copy-editor, illustrator. It seemed to me […]

Oooh, where’s the wind machine?

Here’s the last of the RWA11 photos~ Feeling very Sex and the City in this photo–snapped on Deidre’s camera–taken just before we entered the Flatiron building in NYC. Feeling grand left to right: Julie Butcher, ?, Lucienne Diver, the fabulous Deidre Knight, myself, Louisa Edwards, Kristen Painter and Jennifer Jackson. And later:   Taken by Jenn Spilller, […]

Outlines…*head thuds on desk*

I wrote Hedi’s Book of Rules totally by the seat of my pants–no outlines beyond a few index cards to remind me of the general direction.  Blithely, I plowed my way through to the end of my urban fantasy, inserting tags like “go back and add this” at the end of each chapter. It’s a […]