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Category Archives: The Trouble With Fate

Whoah, I’m a bundle.

When I started writing THE TROUBLE WITH FATE, my only goal was to finish the book because up to that point, the longest thing I had written was a fifteen page short story. Which, come to think of it, can’t really be called a short story because it doesn’t have a beginning, a middle and an end. […]

Get it while it’s cheap!

I just took a peek at Not only is THE TROUBLE WITH FATE on sale but so is book that begins six months after Hedi changed the course of Trwobridge’s life–THE THING ABOUT WERES.  What’s it about? Homecomings…Why not head over to pre-order it? It will make my editor very happy. And her boss […]

Patricia Briggs (and my shameless name dropping)

I’ve had some really wonderful things said by some really amazing writers about my debut book, THE TROUBLE WITH FATE.  Last Friday I received news that Patricia Briggs had really liked my book, and–HOLY HANNAH!–had given me a quote. You want to read it? ‘A true storyteller with a tough heroine and an original and […]