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Category Archives: Tor Uk

UK Publication Day and Blog Tour Highlights!

Today The Problem with Promises was released in the UK! Don’t forget to follow me on my blog tour. Because I wrote blogs, and replied to questions, and dang, you’ll break my heart if you don’t mosey over there and take a boo… Friday, Feb 21 – That’s What I’m Talking About (Twimom) – Review […]

What I am doing today.

CONSIDERING a new food group.   TALKING about The Trouble with Fate over at Bitten By Books. Hoping I’ll meet people over there who’ve read my book. Because that’s just too damn cool for words. SMILING with Patrick Rothfuss over at Tor-UK. STARING at my box of books. Thinking back to when I started writing it. […]

All Things Bright and Shiny

You don’t get a great blog this week because I am entering the misery and hell that is known as The Looming Deadline. The third book in the series must be finished—even if it would be very content to snicker at me from its cushy place on my hard-drive.  Thus, hours must be put in. […]