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Category Archives: U of T

Blame Terry Fallis

This is a picture of the man you should blame if you make the mistake of ordering that fatal, last cocktail at the RWA conference.  He’s a Canadian political humourist, who’s written two very witty books: The Best Laid Plans and The High Road.  He’s a writer. He’s a businessman. And this summer he decided to try his hand at teaching […]

One more thing to to learn.

Social media. If you’d asked me last year what that meant, I might have shrugged. Who cared? It seemed like a smarter idea to keep my head down, and concentrate on writing. I mean, what use is a platform if you haven’t got a marketable book?  So I wrote my novel, and as luck would have it, […]

Step Four: gather it up and toss it in the trash

If you been following this blog, you know that my mission is to chart my progress from couch potato extraordinaire to budding writer with a Knight Agency contract. The last two posts about my RT experiences were detours, and now I’d like to go back to where I left us— Thanks to what I learned […]