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Time For a Face-lift

It’s not that we’re ragged and battered. It’s just that we know we could look better.  Mmhmm, we could do more with ourselves. Time for a face-lift. Over the last few months, this faintly, shabby blog has been going through covert improvements.  Emails flew from Toronto to Sante Fe about design options. The busy web-people at Desert Elements […]

I love Canada.

People I meet at conventions are always faintly surprised to discover that I’m Canadian. In many ways, it’s easy to understand why. We sound like Americans (unless we come from the Rock), and we dress like them. We watch the same television. Read the same books and listen to the same music. I’ve told you […]

Conversations in the Car

Husband and I were in car, on the way to see the film Looper.   “Watch out for that guy,” I said. “I saw him,” he said, turning onto the main road. We’ve been married 27 years. Driving is a we-effort. “He came up on that light so fast, I didn’t think he was going to […]