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Category Archives: Writers Journey


I’ve reached THAT point in the book. Where I am convinced that I’m the worst writer in the world and I’ll never turn this manuscript into something I’m proud of.  The first time I encountered this strange dip in enthusiasm for my work-in-progress, I put it down to a blip–I was rewriting the last 100 […]

What I am doing today.

CONSIDERING a new food group.   TALKING about The Trouble with Fate over at Bitten By Books. Hoping I’ll meet people over there who’ve read my book. Because that’s just too damn cool for words. SMILING with Patrick Rothfuss over at Tor-UK. STARING at my box of books. Thinking back to when I started writing it. […]

Alert the media.

The “Leigh Evans” thing started a week or so ago. It was a Sunday morning around 8:30 a.m. I was laying in bed, mind divided between the task of thinking important thoughts, and  tracking the sounds my husband was making in the kitchen. For all intents, it looked like I was being lazy, but I […]