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Category Archives: writing lessons


I’ve reached THAT point in the book. Where I am convinced that I’m the worst writer in the world and I’ll never turn this manuscript into something I’m proud of.  The first time I encountered this strange dip in enthusiasm for my work-in-progress, I put it down to a blip–I was rewriting the last 100 […]

Margaret Atwood’s Rules

In 2010,  The Guardian, inspired by Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing, published a two part article wherein 15 authors set to paper their own list of dos and don’ts. We’re talking big names here. Go ahead, check  out: I read the articles again this morning. And wouldn’t you know it? This year my favourite was […]

It started with a hole in the wall.

Disclaimer:  I do have a daughter, of whom I’m extraordinarily proud of. She’s talented with words and images, and funny, and smart, and oh-my-gosh-beautiful. But I’m a slow thinker, so I’m still mulling over things that were said last weekend, and things I discovered about my life through that talk, so this is post number two […]