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Dead But Not Forgotten

When my kids left home, I found myself spending hours alone in the house, except for my dogs and my cat. Suddenly, I was Mom, Retired from Active Service. I began to read voraciously again, moving through a book a day. I tore through series, I dipped into genres I’d never touched. The bookstore and the library were my new best friends.

But I was lonely, and though the books filled that time for a bit, there were hours when I couldn’t read and felt forgotten.

Then I found Charlaine Harris’s books, and from there, her community forum. After a bit of the obligatory lurking, I started chiming in with commentary here and there. Here and there turned to daily comments. It had been years since I’d tried to write every day. Decades since I’d tried to impart feeling or thought in words.

I became a writer by writing in community forum. How’s that for weird?

That is why I have deep sense of gratitude and pleasure to announce the release of Charlaine Harris & Toni L.P. Kelner’s anthology DEAD BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. If you thumb through pages, you’ll discover my own contribution: Extreme Makeover: Vamp Edition. It’s the tale of Peaches and Toddy, two very determined fashionestas.

Find your copy in the stores tomorrow!

dead but not forgotten


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