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I went to Cuba (and my book’s coming out)

Recently, I took a trip to Cuba where I discovered that I like beaches a great deal, particularly if I’m sipping rum and fruit juice out of a hollowed-out coconut. It was a good trip–I avoided my birthday, I spent time with a dear old friend, and I got a tan. See proof below.

cuba collage

“What’s with the bed?” you ask.

It’s the night maid’s commentary on the fact that we kept forgetting to tip her. We went from odd sea monsters, to questionably formed hearts, to no-question-about-it: that’s a penis.

(I did tip in the end. The penis was genius.)

Anyhow, I’m baaaaack, and I’m happy to say that I’m barrelling down the last couple of weeks before DANGER’s release.  I can’t wait for you to read this book. It is Hedi’s story complete.

Release Date
US~~March 3rd.
UK~~March 12th.

The early reviews are really good.  RT BOOKLOVERS magazine said, “This fourth and final installment in the Mystwalker series will absolutely leave devoted fans feeling happily satisfied…”

Want a taste? Check in here tomorrow. I may just have a preview of coming attractions:-)








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