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May it warm the cockles of your parsimonious heart.


We’re gearing up for the release of THE THING ABOUT WERES–the second novel in the four book Mystwalker series.

Should you ever pin a wish upon a star? Perhaps not, if you’re Hedi Peacock longing for her missing mate, Robson Trowbridge. For that’s when Karma steps in, determined that this small slip of a half-Fae, half-Were girl receives exactly what she asked for! Charged with emotion and razor-sharp wit, The Thing About Weres, is a realm-challenging thrill.

FREE Part I: Now, back to the important part–the FREE part. Goodreads and my publisher have joined forces to offer 25 copies of my next book totally, absolutely, completely, wonderfully FREE. All you have to do is head over to Goodreads and enter. Yes, other people have entered (a fact that makes my editor oh-so-happy) and thus, you’re looking at steeper odds of winning but ask yourself this…have you ever bought a lottery ticket? Bet you have. So, did you win? If you didn’t, Karma owes you. So go and make my publishers happy–head over an enter.

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FREE Part II: Next question. Do you follow AuthorBuzz? If you do, there’s a contest over there too. I’m giving away 5 copies of THE TROUBLE WITH FATE. Why? Easy-peasy: I’m aiming to turn readers into the Mystwalker fans. Or to put it baldly, I’m hoping they’ll find Trouble their equivalent of literary crack. Okay, bad metaphor, but you get my drift… here’s the url:

Or, you can just click on this photo of a grinning me and it will take you there.


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