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Tag Archives: Caitlin Sweet

There’s always a crowd pushing you to the finish line.

I’ve been a life-long reader, and here’s something I never understood until I sat down to write the acknowledgements for The Trouble With Fate: though a writer spends a hellish amount of sitting alone in front of the monitor, writing a book is really a lot more like running a marathon. There are people–a veritable […]

Everyone should have a Gandalf

This brief film clip is testament to the profound effect a teacher can have upon the course of your life. Forgive the stumbles and the pauses. We filmed this at Toronto’s jewel of a book store, Bakka Phoenix. Mentor. It’s a simple enough word until you have one, and then it becomes a whole different word. […]

Glory be, here come the edits.

Last Thursday I received my first, real-life edits.  My heart was going pitty-pat as I tore open the package. First impressions: my book looked fatter than I remembered, St. Martin’s Press’ letterhead was very nice, and Holly’s handwriting was nice and round. I picked up the book in my left hand, and riffled the pages. There were so few […]