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Tag Archives: Dana Cameron

Guest Blog~ Dana Cameron

I suppose it was inevitable that I developed an instant connection with Dana Cameron. I like smart women–she’s brighter than me. I like inquiring minds–hell, she digs for truth. I like people who have a solid core and a strong heart–well, hello Dana. Did I mention that she’s won all kinds of writing awards? And […]

The Next Big Thing

I’ve been tagged for The Next Big Thing meme by the wonderful Suzanne McLeod, who writes the incredible Spellcracker Series. Which means today I’m ‘it’ and have to answer the ten questions below: What is the working title of your next book? “An Incredibly Witty (and as yet Undiscovered) Title for Book Three.”  A trifle […]

Where I almost talk about WFC.

So. The World Fantasy Convention. I try to tell you the truth on this blog, right? So here we go. If I hadn’t encouraged* a casual friend into coming up from the States to join me at the Fantasy convention, I would have lost courage and not gone. I’m not good with crowds and for […]