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Tag Archives: Deidre Knight

There’s always a crowd pushing you to the finish line.

I’ve been a life-long reader, and here’s something I never understood until I sat down to write the acknowledgements for The Trouble With Fate: though a writer spends a hellish amount of sitting alone in front of the monitor, writing a book is really a lot more like running a marathon. There are people–a veritable […]

What does hell look like?

Ladies and Gentlemen–I present to you, my version of Hell. Finished? Okay, now I’ll explain. I am one of the lucky ones. My first novel won me a contest which led to Deidre Knight offering me representation. Then–Holy Hannah!–what followed was every debut writer’s dream scenario: a pre-empt sparked an auction scenario for The Trouble […]

Look Into Her Eyes

Self-publishing was not something I ever seriously considered for my debut novel, HEDI’S BOOK OF RULES. I admit it: I’m incredibly new, and painfully uninformed about the publishing world. But even wide-eyed-me realized that my book needed help–lots of it–if I went the self-pub’d route. And that meant hiring people. Not just one person but many people. An editor, copy-editor, illustrator. It seemed to me […]