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Tag Archives: Julie Butcher

Where I talk about RT Booklovers Convention 2013

It started with a faint ache at the back of my throat. Allergies, I told myself. But, curse my luck, the day before I was due to fly, those ‘allergies’ turned into a full blown, nose streaming, throat hurting COLD. Attending a writer’s convention with a cold…well, it’s like walking through the streets of Toronto […]

All done except the laundry.

Well, I’m back from Bouchercon. I took a plane home on Sunday night–a punitively expensive direct flight. You’re looking for a summary, right? Well, first of all, Bouchercon is smaller than some of the cons I’ve attended. I like that. In my world, small is good. Another plus–it attracts men and women. As I like men, that demographic was a […]

Glory be, here come the edits.

Last Thursday I received my first, real-life edits.  My heart was going pitty-pat as I tore open the package. First impressions: my book looked fatter than I remembered, St. Martin’s Press’ letterhead was very nice, and Holly’s handwriting was nice and round. I picked up the book in my left hand, and riffled the pages. There were so few […]