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The Intersection

Last week, I took this picture, after I went to pick up my post.

In the mail I discovered the contract for the fourth book in the series,  and the first REAL copy of THE TROUBLE WITH FATE. On screen is my manuscript for the third book, and by my left elbow the copy edited manuscript for book two.

Friday found me in the UPS office, sending the copy edits back to my editor.

THE THING ABOUT WERES–the 2nd installment of the Mystwalker series–will be released in July.  For those of you with a keen interest–it picks up 6 mos after  Trouble’s final scene.

Later this week, Heroes & Heartbreakers will reveal the absolutely stunning cover.

But I thought I’d tell you what inspired it.Chelsea tree drawing

When I need to conceptualize a hazy thought, I pick up a pen and I draw. I’m not terribly talented, but I can get what I want across. However, my daughter, Chelsea, IS talented.  I had picture in mind that I wanted to attach to the cover page of my manuscript. I made a rough sketch and sent it my kid. That evening she had fun taking my weak effort and turning it something a whole lot finer.

When my editor, Holly Blanck, opened up the manuscript, she saw the title, my name, and THIS picture. She liked it well enough to enlarge on the theme.




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