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The Mystwalker series in AUDIO!

When I’m writing a difficult scene with a lot of back and forth dialogue, I’m talking out loud.  I’m whoever I need to be–Hedi, Trowbridge, Lexi, or Cordelia. I’m all the voices.

I keep Atty and Merles vastly entertained.FullSizeRender-13

Which is a nice segway to this nugget of news: The Mystwalker Series is coming out on audio through GraphicAudio this month. (Yahoo!) Have you heard of them? This is the production company whose tagline reads:  “A Movie in Your Mind.”

What does that mean?

They’re all the voices too.

Huh? Okay, I’ll back up. Most audio books use one talent. He or she is reading the manuscript, much like your Mom or Dad used to read your bedtime story. There is one voice, with no sound effects.

The actor is reading the book out loud.

GraphicAudio takes a cue from the old radio days, where the aim was to create a mental movie for the listeners. How do they do that? Well, in order to bring the book to life, they’ll use as as many people as they need. If there are four different people in the scene, they’ll hire four different actors to play them. And once they’ve laid those dialogue tracks down, they’ll go back in and add sound effects. Say the car crashes–well then, you’re going to hear the crumple of the fender, the tinkle of the glass and the hiss of the broken hoses.

You’re going to get the whole experience.

Cool, huh?

THE TROUBLE WITH FATE releases today!  Follow this soundcloud link to hear the series trailer…then head over to GraphicAudio to purchase your copy.



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