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Vacation, vacation

I haven’t had a proper vacation for three years. That doesn’t mean that I’ve worked every single day, it simply means that I haven’t scheduled a premeditated sloth week for thirty-six months.

florida bedroom

Which is nuts, because dear husband and I have a place in Florida. Except we never get there, at least not at the same time. (It’s been 15 mos for me). But enough is enough. It’s time. Me and Mr. E decided to TAKE A VACATION. Yup, one week wherein all laziness is acceptable.

There’s one minor hiccup in the plan. Mr. E. came down with the plague. Strep-like throat, muscle aches, general malaise etc, etc. Now, Mr. E. has many vast accomplishments. He’s the brightest man I’ve ever met (and I dated an astro-physicist back in the day), he can fix anything, he’s good looking, he can make me laugh…  All round, swell guy.

Except he doesn’t do sick that well.

So, we agreed. Yesterday was NOT a holiday. Thus, I worked, and he did what he does when he’s on the slow mend: he puttered and muttered. As there’s no office here, I worked from a desk in one of the bedrooms. From my chair, I got some words down and I watched a storm roll in. (Sudden and black).  All together, it wasn’t a bad day. I fixed that scene that bugged me. I ate potato chips for lunch (he couldn’t eat). Later I went for a walk around the town, observing that the Pottery Barn had been replaced by an H&M; and Ann Taylor had been swapped for a store filled with costume jewelry.  I’ll miss the Pottery Barn but I’m delighted by the sparkly cheap jewelry boutique.

This morning, Mr. E.  was up before me.  I watched him putter, trying to gauge by his frown if his throat still felt like glass splinters.

Me: You still sick?
Him: mumble, mumble
Me: You’re still sick.
Him, with a wince: Maybe we can do a movie in the afternoon.
Me: So you’re going to putter?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Maybe I’ll trying puttering…

Day two of my vacation: It’s 9:55 a.m. I have made peace with total sloth. Which means, I’ve only just finished my FIRST coffee of the day. I’ve read all my emails and spent a good 15 minutes deleting stuff that needed to be put into the trash (280 messages deleted, 2,212 to go).  And I’ve spent a delightful half an hour stalking Wally the squirrel on youtube and the web. From what I gather, Wally fell from a tree when he was a furless baby and was promptly rescued by THE BEST SQUIRREL OWNERS IN THE WORLD.

I found Wally through this youtube link posted by Shannon Apple:

But if you want to see how sweet his life is, check out Wally’s room!

Yup, I can do this vacation thing…







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