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Zonked out on Sinutab.

I didn’t write a word last week, which didn’t worry me much last week, because it was a vacation, and you’re not supposed to work on holidays. Instead, my sister and I shopped. And since that shopping took place in Florida, I came home with shoes (3 prs), purses (2), and a case of guilts (ate the whole piece of raspberry chocolate cheesecake on my own+polished off a plate of fries).

 The guilt I tossed over my shoulder and the shoes and purses I squashed into my carry-on.

I also brought home one more thing: a head cold. This is not acceptable. I’ve got a deadline. I’m supposed to be burning up the keys this week, not sniffling into a damp kleenex. That’s how I planned it: the vacation would revitalize me, and then I’d come back on fire to write.

Huh. I wish I was in bed. Still in jammies. Zonked out on Sinutab PM.  But…I’ve got the dreaded deadline.

Interesting fact learned on vacation: in Key West, the sun slips below the horizon at astonishing speed. For instance I took this picture on my cellphone.  Then I tapped out a six word sentence, and sent it off to twitterverse. That took about 30 seconds. When I looked up, the sun was gone. That fast!

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